I Have A Blog – Yay!

Hello to my Ohana! I was inspired by some new friends of mine in California to start my first blog. I live in Dallas, TX, and tiki is sort of an afterthought for the most part here. We have a rich history of tiki bars (Don The Beachcomber, Ports O’ Call, The Hawaiian Century Room, and most recently, Trader Vic’s).

Currently, we have some places locally with tiki pop-up nights, but it isn’t quite the same. A true tiki experience involves the right decor, atmosphere, and vibe, which you would find in a full-time tiki bar. So, I have taken to traveling a lot (which can get expensive for a gal who makes the kind of money I make) in order to be able to get the experience I am looking for. I have been fortunate to find fairly good travel deals, and to be able to meet some amazing new friends at some of the best tiki bars and events in the country. I hope to meet many more, and that is part of the reason I started this blog.

Please bear with me and my rudimentary site design skills, as the whole blog thing is rather new to me, but I hope to learn as I go along, and make it more compelling and fun to read through. I have included other ways to find me on my site, but just click here and you will see where you can locate me on Facebook, Instagram, and Critiki.

Until Next Time, Drink More Rum, and Aloha!

4 thoughts on “I Have A Blog – Yay!

  1. This sounds very much like my predicament. Being from Minnesota we have very few options for tiki and very few fellow tikiphiles to connesct with. So like you I’m reaching out through my blog! Looking forward to reading your thoughts!


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  2. Jay

    I’m glad I found your blog. As a fellow Dallasite, it’s nice to know more people in the local tiki community. Keep the great posts coming!


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