Swizzle Addictions 

Now that we’ve gotten the introductory stuff out of the way , how about we get down to some tiki-related business?

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE swizzle sticks. I have people who ask what possesses me to collect something that came out of someone’s drinking glass. Perhaps to them it’s nothing more than an insignificant piece of plastic, but for me, each one is a little piece of history. Each one invites me to explore a place that, more often than not, no longer exists, but has a great back story.

Take, for example, this swizzle I got in a bulk buy a few years back. I wasn’t into tiki back then, so it didn’t stand out to me. Years later, reading a post on Critiki triggered my memory, and I went digging for it in my swizzle collection. It is from Ports O’ Call, one of the more famous of Dallas’ defunct tiki establishments from the sixties.


For anyone wanting a bit of information about Ports O’ Call, check out this post on TikiCentral. The Sheraton hotel it once called home is still here in Dallas.

My swizzle collection has been fed very generously by many of the tiki bars I have visited who offer them. I enjoy reusing them in the drinks I make at home, and I love thinking back to great memories when I see them again. This makes them the more special of all the swizzles I own.

I also would love to do tiki swizzle trades, when my collection is a bit more robust. Although recently, I traded one lovely lady in Long Beach a Mai Kai swizzle (pictured above) for a Ventiki one. Everyone wins !

My growing collection of tiki swizzles.

What about all of you? Do you have any favorite or treasured swizzles?

One thought on “ Swizzle Addictions 

  1. Hi, Pam here, editor of the International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association (I.S.S.C.A.)
    Yay, the name is way too long (looking for something catchy). Our website is from the 1990’s and memberships were only paid by check. Suddenly we have lots of new members who love Tiki and Hawaii as well as the old collectible stuff.

    I’ve just set up a membership item on Esty, so if anyone wants to join, its just $25/yr and you get a quarterly newsletter on collectibles and history of swizzles, a list of all of the members who trade and give away duplicates and LOVE to exchange info on swizzle trivia. We also meet in September for our annual convention in Vegas!!

    Long-story-short: sign up and join us if you want, you’ll find the membership join item on my Etsy Site at

    Or just Google Etsy HouseofSwizzle (all one word) and you’ll find it!
    I also have a new website (nothing for sale there) that is all about pictures and history. Same thing on Instagram. I post pictures of special swizzles and tell everything I know about them.

    Soon we will get a new I.S.S.C.A. website – as a new members you can vote on a new domain name (so new members can find us!)

    Email me at pam@houseofswizzlecom if you want to talk or join, etc. Thanks, Happy Holidays, Pam


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