Pilikia – What Tiki Is, And What It Isn’t

10 thoughts on “Pilikia – What Tiki Is, And What It Isn’t”

  1. Great read. I was kind of sad to learn this wasn’t a “real” good tiki bar. I was looking forward to the experience. The decor looks fabulous, though.


    1. Todd and I were rather heartbroken, too. But we are hopeful that they work out their kinks and go more in a direction that is truly “tiki”.


  2. Great review. It takes a true fan to be critical. These photos look promising as far as atmosphere except that it looks clinical and not broken in. Like it was designed by Pinterest, not an artist. I’d rather slouch into an old rattan sofa than a crispy new high end knock off. Everything you said sounds like exactly the sort of things that would’ve totally killed it for me. They clearly don’t know their audience and while I would hate to talk bad of a new tiki bar that sounds like you guys are in need of, I’d rather see something like that die than try to ride a trend it doesn’t understand. I know the entertainment industry is really cutthroat these days and concessions need to be made to get mass appeal but if you can’t even win the fan base you’re trying to appeal to then what’s the point. Just be a night club. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


    1. I found out that the true “owners” of the bar are not individuals, but a group of people who own several hipster-ish bars here in Dallas. That explains quite a bit.

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  3. MAHALO for a great read. This was well written and a thorough job on reviewing Pilikia. I am so disappointed to learn it is as much “hipster” as it is “tiki.” I was hoping to travel to Dallas, meet the owners, bath in the ambiance and carry some inspiration with me, back to Little Rock, as I work to open my own tiki bar. I promise (when I do open my own establishment) that it will be quintessentially and thoroughly “TIKI!” So, hopefully soon, you can take a weekend excursion to Little Rock and I can send you home with the proper ALOHA smile on your face!

    Nonetheless, I am going to keep my fingers crossed, give them a couple of weeks, then venture down to Pilikia.

    PS – Take a trip to Tulsa and visit The Saturn Room. Try their signature cocktail, the Chairman Mao. You will not be disappointed!


    1. Hi Mark! Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it! I have never ventured into OK but maybe I can add that and Little Rock to my list!


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