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Equine anatomy

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Sometimes used colloquially to refer to the root of the tail, below. Elbow: The joint of the front leg at the point where the belly of the horse meets the leg. Homologous to the elbow in humans Ergot : a callosity on the back of the fetlock Face: the area between the forehead and the tip of the upper lip Fetlock : sometimes called the " ankle " of the horse, though it is not the same skeletal structure as an ankle in humans; known to anatomists as the metacarpophalangeal front or metatarsophalangeal hind joint; homologous to the "ball" of the foot or the metacarpophalangeal joints of the fingers in humans Flank: where the hind legs and the barrel meet, specifically the area right behind the rib cage and in front of the stifle joint Forearm: the area of the front leg between the knee and elbow, consisting of the fused radius and ulna , and all the tissue around these bones; anatomically, the antebrachium. See also: Equine nutrition A dehydrated anatomical specimen Horses and other equids evolved as grazing animals, adapted to eating small amounts of the same kind of food all day long.
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Gross anatomy of the female genital organs of the domestic donkey (Equus asinus Linné, 1758).

Anat Histol Embryol. Epub Nov 6. Although donkeys play an important role as companion or pack and draught animals, theriogenological studies and anatomical data on the genital organs of the jenny are sparse.
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The mare and donkey are also bred to horses to produce mules or hinnies, respectively. Donkey medicine can be fun and rewarding and a break from routine equine practice. Female Reproduction The jenny jennet is very similar in many reproductive aspects to the horse mare. Puberty is usually attained in one to two years of age. Donkeys seem to display less seasonality reported prolonged estrus, a lower incidence of ovulations during December, shorter estrous cycles from May to September and shorter estrus from May through October.
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