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That is, I don't study how gender affects foreign policy. Yet, as a result of a brief dinner conversation with Ora Szekely, I want to wade into these waters with the following assertion: While much of Star Wars has gender problems erasing the female pilots from the Battle of Yavin, for example , the appearance of Princess Leia in the costume in Jabba's palace and on the barge in Return of the Jedi is actually not un-feminist. How so? Jabba had Leia wear this costume as part of his effort to dominate her.
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Carrie Fisher warns new Star Wars actress: 'Don't be a slave like I was'

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Princess Leia's bikini - Wikipedia

By James Hale Dec 28, I fully expect that in the coming weeks we'll see a few dozen thinkpieces from men thanking our now-departed queen Carrie Fisher for her contribution to their teenage years. Princess Leia's infamous "slave Leia" outfit, complete with horrifically uncomfortable-looking gold bra, can tell us a lot about Hollywood's messed-up relationship with women's bodies. By which I mean the same dudes writing thinkpieces eulogizing their fantasy sex symbol version of Carrie Fisher from 33 years ago are likely to also call Kim K a slut and a bad role model for baring her body on her terms rather than for a script. The "slave Leia" image, now well-trod ground for toymakers and cosplayers alike, was reportedly discontinued last year by Disney after complaints about Leia's continued sexualization. Fisher seemed to have mixed feelings about the outfit, but one thing was clear: She was unrepentantly feminist when discussing it, even though the costume wasn't her idea.
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Live from Seattle: Princess Leia’s Bikini!

By: Monroe Although Princess Leia had successfully freed Han Solo from carbonite, she and her lover were immediately captured by the crime lord Jabba the Hutt She had decided that if she was to dance for the perverted Hutt and his men, she need not be explicitly seductive, and so chose to perform a more traditional style of court dancing. She spread her long, slender legs and moved them in a series of steps to the music, twirling her body and leaping with acrobatic finesse, techniques that would've been impossible if not for her athletic training. Still, the thought that this training was allowing her to do little more than arouse a drooling Hutt Lord was not all that gratifying.
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Edit Ever since she gave up her responsibilities as a princess and a rebellion general, Leia Organa had smuggled herself aboard a cargo freighter to the remote outpost planet of Tatooine, a desolate world controlled by the Hutts. She was in her prime, having just turned twenty at the start of the month, and although she was alone and poor, the naive princess had managed to survive by becoming a petty thief. It was during the height of the dry season, when rain would never bless the streets of Mos Eisley, and the great Krayt Dragons succumbed to the scorching heat of the infamous Dune Sea.
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