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How to avoid the mid-movie bathroom break Need tips on controlling your bladder? Urine luck. April 25, This guy is starting to regret that jumbo soda. Deposit Photos Long movies and the urge to pee have been linked since the early days of cinema. Sixty-three years before Avengers: Endgame and its three-hour runtime, moviegoers settled in for nearly four hours of The Ten Commandments.
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Flicky leaks: when should you pee during long films?

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Flicky leaks: when should you pee during long films? | Film | The Guardian

How often you urinate is actually a very important sign of your overall health, beginning in infancy and continuing throughout your life. Keep reading to learn more about urination and when your pee may signal that you need to visit your doctor. Urinary frequency and your health A healthy person may urinate anywhere from four to ten times in a day. The average amount, however, is usually between six and seven times in a hour period. How much you pee depends on many factors, such as: age how much you drink in a day what you drink medical conditions, such as diabetes or a urinary tract infection medication usage bladder size Special circumstances, such as pregnancy and the weeks after giving birth, can affect how often you urinate as well. During pregnancy, a woman urinates more frequently due to fluid changes along with bladder pressure from the growing fetus.
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When to take a bathroom pee break during Avengers: Endgame

About the bladder Your bladder is an expandable organ. The process of emptying your bladder is not unlike a muscle contraction. Two tubes called ureters bring filtered urine down from your kidneys and into your bladder. Research tells us that the bladder has a direct line of communication with your brain.
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OR maybe you've been avoiding it like the plague so that it's not spoiled for you. In either case, this is the perfect time to hit the bathroom before the film starts if you don't want to miss anything. When the San Francisco title card comes on screen If you made the crucial mistake of not peeing before the film, you won't miss much if you duck out now. This Ant-Man segment is about 30 minutes into the film and is mostly just Scott connecting dots the audience already knows.
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