Vagina laser cannon

Obstet Gynecol. Radiofrequency in cosmetic dermatology: an update. J Drugs Dermatol. Surg Technol Int. Alinsod RM. Temperature controlled radiofrequency for vulvovaginal laxity.
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This is what it's really like to get laser hair removal on your vagina

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The perks of having a designer vagina - RSVP Live

CO2RE Intima is a medical laser that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal or vulva tissue — so cells make more collagen — improving skin tone, texture and appearance. In consultation with expert advice from gynecologists, the handpiece was designed to fit snuggly against the vaginal wall to facilitate stretching of the vaginal tissue in order to have the optimal interface between the laser and the tissue. Mucosal ruggae and folds would otherwise prevent this close interaction. The treatment can also address dyschromia and skin pigmentation resulting in improved texture and tone.
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The techno vagina: The laser and radiofrequency device boom in gynecology

Hospital offering vaginal whitening to help women achieve a 'more attractive' vagina The treatment, which uses lasers, offers women the chance to address incontinence, tighten the vagina after childbirth and helps menopausal women, all key groups who, according to Sabrina Crowe, are in the growing number of women looking for these treatments. So how does it work? A 3D-Vjuve CO2 laser is used to deliver superficial energy that stimulates collagen production which plumps the thickness of the vaginal lining. You might wonder why women are shooting lasers into their vagina, but Sabrina explains the treatment is growing in popularity across Ireland because it's a "painless treatment with no down time" And if you're worried about your sex life being interrupted, you can jump back into bed after just three days. Most women would be interested in vaginal rejuvenation for internal reasons, such as incontinence, but some are seeking treatment for aesthetic reasons.
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Phew, it feels good to get that off my chest. Because of my insecurity, my mom let me get laser hair removal on my armpits and upper lip once I turned She had gotten a few treatments done herself, so she knew the drill.
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