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They want to let their steam off, but its been difficult to do so, being in Hogwarts during this sexual storm. But does that stop them? They break the rules every year anyway. The towers window was being buffeted with heavy, thick, white snow. A relentless push from the wind made it seem to Harry as though the window would smash with the strength the balls of snow that were being thrown with the unforgiving icy gust.
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Hermione's New Goal Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Is that clear enough? And perhaps I'll write another. Onto the story. She was lying naked on her bed, her legs spread widely.
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That when it had started to begin, Hermione had been trying to get a particularly large tome down from a high shelf when he had fallen from the ladder, but rather than falling to the floor and hurting herself, someone had caught her, looking up she found Professor Greys' eyes staring back, deep into her, she had never noticed before but they were grey also, but not a cold or dull grey, these seemed to have a heat behind them, coming back to herself she realised he had been holding her and staring at each other for nearly a whole minute, and Professor Grey had one hand, holding one of her buttocks firmly in his hand, underneath the skirt, she jumped out of his eyes, blushing all over and quickly said, "Thank you sir, erm I think I'll go back to my dormitory now, I don't need the library any more today". Then she had scurried off to her dormitory, the whole way she could feel is strong hand on her ass and those fiery grey eyes burning into her. By the time she crawled back through the portrait of the Fat Lady she was feeling less embarrassed about the situation, he didn't realise he was holding her butt, he was just holding her for so long because he wanted to make sure she was over the shock of falling before putting her down.
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By: unknownraid Hermione Granger, the top student at Hogwarts, wants to be remembered for something different. She wants to be remembered for something better. Doing naughty things with as many people as possible? Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and I'm not making any money. I just want to write these kinds of stories : Intro This was it.
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