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Some are plagued by these fears pretty consistently throughout their lives. Things will be going along smoothly, and all of a sudden, they feel inundated with insecurity and dread that their partner will distance themselves, ignore, or leave them. Everyone experiences this fear at different levels. Most of us can relate to having heightened anxiety over thoughts of rejection. We may be set off by anything from an aloof first date to a longtime partner seeming distracted and unavailable. The degree to which a person is faced with this fear can shape how they live their lives and experience their relationships.
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20 Signs Someone Has Abandonment Issues (+ How To Overcome Them)

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20 Signs Someone Has Abandonment Issues (+ Overcoming Them)

For an infant, having a gentle and responsive caregiver provides the nurturing a child needs to grow into a healthy adult. A cared for child develops self-esteem, feels secure in exploring the world around him or her and has a strong foundation for understanding how to build healthy relationships later in life. But if those earliest relationships break down, the child may experience what is known as abandonment or neglect trauma. Mental health issues, substance abuse or the physical absence of parents or caregivers due to death or divorce can all contribute to abandonment trauma, also known as post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD of abandonment. How Abandonment Trauma Hurts Development Abandonment trauma leaves children feeling unsafe, unimportant and unsure of how their needs are going to be met.
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Abandonment (emotional)

Theories behind why fear of abandonment occurs include interruptions in the normal development of young children's social and mental capacities, past relationship and life experiences, and exposure to specific norms and ideas. People with the fear of abandonment may tend to display compulsive behaviors and thought patterns that affect their relationships, ultimately resulting in the abandonment they dread becoming a reality. This fear can be devastating.
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Millions of people like you struggle with this self-sabotaging belief and the behaviors that go with it. The first step to changing any belief is to identify it. Only then can you get help and do the necessary work to shift your mindset to a more desirable position. This is important because failed relationships reinforce the fear of abandonment you feel.
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