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Cannabis from caring home-cultivators often is of better quality than cannabis you randomly buy off the streets or from lesser coffeeshops. Part of it has to do with growing the weed, but most of it has to with what happens after it has been grown. That is why the after-care, the drying and curing process, is so damn important. To dry cannabis plants, most growers use the tent or cabinet they grew the weed in.
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Fast-growing weeds are a rich source of nutrients NPK nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus as well as hormones and trace minerals. When we drink tea, we get the vitamins, minerals, and essential oils extracted from the plants thatour body takes up as nutrients. Plants do the same thing. These teas are good for giving transplants a boost when they are actively growing.
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Tweet The Instant Pot is having a moment. In addition to making fork-tender ribs in minutes, you can use the magic countertop pressure cooker to make a batch of cannabutter in five steps, without arousing any olfactory suspicions. All you need for this recipe for making quick cannabutter is bud, canning jars the type with the lid and ring , a fat of your choice, and pantyhose. Anything that will strain out fine particles will work—but pantyhose were our test kitchen star. Step 1: Decarb in the Jar Grind your weed.
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