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Springfield Armory has issued a limited recall on a run of their extremely popular XD-S concealed-carry pistols. The recall is for both 9mm and. This is a voluntary safety recall for a very rare problem that causes the gun to fire when chambering a round and may also cause pistols to double-fire. This is only for the new single-stack XD-S pistols, not the subcompact, compact, full-size or competition XD-M pistols. Springfield is asking all users to verify if their XD-S pistol fall within the serial number range of potentially-affected handguns. The page is down at the time of writing, likely due to a traffic overload.

URGENT: Springfield XDs 45 and XDs 9mm Recall

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anyway to find manufacture date?

The press release is as follows, and more information can be found here :. We want to emphasize that no injuries have been reported to date. Springfield has determined that under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3. The chance of these conditions existing is exceptionally rare, but if they happen, serious injury or death could occur. On that page enter your serial number and click Next.


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