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I have read a few books, I have even taken courses on the subject, but nothing could have fully prepared me for teaching a year-long class of Theology of the Body to freshman boys. Words can't quite describe the awkwardness of a room full of year-olds trying to maturely discuss the mechanics of the male reproductive system. One day, as class was ending, one of the students asked me a question that I thought had to be a joke. He wanted to know if it was true that 'people will explode' if they don't masturbate regularly. It took me a little while to realize that he was being completely serious, and it was then that I realized just how confused our world has become. Even though boys are usually the ones joking about masturbation, the truth is that this is an issue for many women as well.
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St Augustine on sexuality

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Augustine and sex

I also ask the forgiveness of Presidents Barack Obama and the Bush family and all other people in power or worldly influence who has been slandered by us, and also of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis I and everyone else, whether Buddhist or Protestant, who has been slandered in our crazy conspiracy theories that judges many in power or religion as being evil or as being part of some evil conspiracy out to enslave mankind through evil means, since this was obviously wrong as I also understood when I saw videos of their good example and kindness to other human beings, such as just recently with Barack Obama here and since I have come to understand better that we must not judge others! Yet, before this and when I was more of a judger, I had no scruple to give other people watching our material the impression that people in power were perhaps evil or part of some evil conspiracy for the only "crime" of making a handsign! And I am really sorry for this and for all the bad examples we have made! Why have I changed position? That is simply because the law of conscience is true, and because damnation is something evil, and because the Vatican II Catholic Church and the World secular people, Freemasons, the Illuminati, Albert Pike etc. In fact, as the crazy conspiracy theories goes, Vatican II was even created in part because of the actions and deeds of the Freemasons etc.! And to prove the point to you, I will ask you this: How often have you yourself perhaps personally, as a Christian or other religious , judged your fellow human brothers and sisters as not being saved or that they will be damned, or even, as not being worthy of being saved , only because he or she was a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Catholic, a Protestant or even a Sinner, such as a Gay or Homosexual?
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How St. Augustine Invented Sex

Saint Augustine of Hippo. Pic courtesy www. These are all key Catholic concepts. He thought people were constantly attracted toward material things and pleasures, which he labeled as evil.
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Augustine was no stranger to lust. He writes in his Confessions :. The enemy held my will; and of it he made a chain and bound me. Because my will was perverse it changed to lust, and lust yielded to become habit, and habit not resisted became necessity.
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