Tiki Resources

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I often come across lots of wonderful tiki websites and blogs that get my attention and are super useful. below is have compiled a small list of my current favorites. I will be adding to this list, so keep checking back!

Informational Sites

Critiki -an incredibly comprehensive site where members can review and rate tiki bars from all over the world. You will find photos, and also even see which members are visiting which bars soon, to encourage meeting up and networking, a GREAT new feature! Humuhumu, the creator behind Critiki.com, does an excellent job of posting regularly, and including fun and very informative blog content. If you haven’t signed up, go and do it now!

Tiki Central – The ultimate networking forum for Tiki-philes. Anything and everything tiki-related is discussed, from home tiki bars, to tiki music, and tiki events, both big and small. Questions can find their answers here, as there are many knowledgeable and friendly people on this forum.

Tiki Bar Essentials/Recipes

Beachbum Berry – The legendary mixologist Beachbum Berry’s very own site, complete with recipes for all your favorite tiki drinks, as well as books, and neat items for your home bar. There’s even an app for the iPhone and iPad called Total Tiki, which keeps recipes at close reach…super handy when shopping for ingredients!

Ooga Mooga! – this website is a MUST if you are seeking to build or add to your tiki mug collection. This site is also a creation by Humuhumu, and has some big changes around the bend that are going to make the site even more awesome than it is now. Think of it as a huge tiki mug marketplace, where members can post their mugs they have for sale or trade, and show off their personal collections.

Tiki Farm – Tiki Farm is a giant in the world of tiki mugs. They have produced a plethora of mugs and other collectibles that are high quality, and fun to drink out of!

Eekum Bookum – Eekum Bookum is headed by John & Janet Mulder, who produce exquisitely manufactured tiki mugs for various high-profile tiki events & tiki bars across the country.

Tiki Blogs/Podcasts

Inside The Desert Oasis Room– Adrian Eustaquio’s awesome tiki podcast features a new guest every week. Some notable tiki folk such as Beachbum Berry, Mike Buhen, and Sven Kirsten have done podcasts with Adrian, and it contains a wealth of wonderful stories, information, and laughs. Check it out!

Modern Tiki Lounge – Kelsi and Greg’s awesome blog features a variety of content. The blog contains holiday gift guides, reviews of the various tiki bars they have visited (which have been VERY useful to me), travel guides, and information on mid-century modern design. This blog should be on your radar, if isn’t already.

Atomic Grog Blog – Slammie Productions, located in South Florida, focuses this blog primarily on tiki culture, music, and events. There are also a wealth of links on their sidebar about pretty much anything tiki-related you could want to read about, including things you can only find in Florida, such as the Mai Kai, and Walt Disney World.

Tiki With Ray – Straight outta Seattle, Ray has a super fun blog dedicated to everything that embodies a tiki lifestyle. You will find reviews, recipes, posts about fashion, music, and even interviews with some big kahunas in the tiki world. Ray travels a lot to absorb as much tiki as possible, so follow his blog to go on the voyage with him!

The Meek Tiki – The American Midwest isn’t exactly a Tiki hotspot, but that doesn’t stop my buddy, Lucas. His blog covers his own tours of all places Tiki, and also contains cocktail & food recipes. Check it out!


Tiki Events

Tiki Oasis – another massive tiki event, which takes place in San Diego, California. This one often blends tiki with the rockabilly scene, and features car shows, art shows, a Miss Tiki Oasis pageant, live music, educational symposiums, and a tiki marketplace, of course. As with all major tiki events, the rum flows quite freely here, too.

Tiki Caliente – Tiki Caliente takes place in sunny Palm Springs, California. It is not as large as Tiki Oasis or The Hukilau, but its smaller size makes it more intimate, and much easier to get to know other attending tiki-philes. Shag usually makes appearances at Tiki Caliente, and a commemorative mug is created, usually designed by Eekum Bookum. The site for the event is the beautiful Caliente Tropics resort, which has been in Palm Springs since 1964. It features live music, tiki vendors, and room parties with cocktails concocted by the hosts that are sure to delight (and possibly inebriate).

Tiki Kon – The Pacific Northwest’s premier Tiki experience takes place in Portland, Oregon. There are symposiums, bands and performers, and a deliciously boozy home Tiki bar tour, where guests can check out some of the best home Tiki bars Portland has to offer.

The Hukilau – one of the largest Tiki events in the country, The Hukilau takes place in Fl Lauderdale, Florida, and features live music, pool parties, special events featuring some of the best tiki mixologists, a tiki marketplace, and opening and closing festivities at the Mai Kai.