Recipe for sirloin strip steak

In a large skillet over medium-high heat, mix 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter. When butter is melted, add potatoes wedges. Cook for about 4 minutes, stir and cook an additional minutes until potatoes wedges are golden and fork-tender. Keep the same skillet over medium heat and add remaining 2 tablespoons butter, garlic, red chili pepper flakes, and fresh herbs. Lay the steak strips in one layer in the skillet, keeping the drained steak marinade for later. Right before the Garlic Butter steak is done, you can stir in the reserved marinade if you like, and cook for one minute.
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Cajun Butter Steak Bites

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Best New York Strip Steak Recipe - How to Make NY Strip Steak

Although they sell some of the best meat around, including local grass-fed steak and high-priced slowly aged beef, it seems that a more than normal percentage of folks who work there are vegetarians, if not vegans. Perhaps they should have check-out lines that segregate us. Vegans go here, vegetarians go there, and cow people over there. I do, however, have a few favorite butchers that I enjoy talking meat recipes with and are happy to help me pick out some great steaks for dinner. Most agree that a cast iron pan is essential for cooking a good steak. We talk about how to best sear, and we look for steaks that has that nice fat cap.
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The Perfect New York Strip Steak Recipe, Pan-Fried, Oven-Roasted

Print Recipe These seared steak bites are cubes of sirloin steak cooked to perfection in a garlic butter sauce. Raise your hand if you love steak! These steak bites are a super fun way to get your meat fix, my kids ask for them constantly. How to make steak bites with garlic butter This recipe uses sirloin steak cut into small pieces. Other great choices would be tenderloin, rib eye, or New York strip steak.
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Print Recipe Strip steak also called a New York Strip Steak, or New York Strip is a beautiful cut of beef that requires little more than high heat, simple seasoning, and some solid technique. What is Strip Steak? A strip steak is cut from the short loin of the cow. Strip steaks are best when they are well-marbled with nice, white fat weaving through the muscle of the steak.
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