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An attractive and realistic video thumbnail will entice people to click through, watch the video, keep watching videos from the same creator, and maybe even subscribe. They may thumbs-down the video, leave it after a couple of seconds to search for a different one, or even leave the platform altogether. YouTube keeps track of this behavior and if they notice your videos repel viewers, they will recommend it less in all three places listed above. Videos can rank on Google just like blog posts If you play things right, your videos can make an impact outside of their original home.
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I Think I Have a Trigger Thumb – What Can I Do About It?

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Thumb Shaking: 10 Possible Causes and Tips for Management

Shaking in your hands or other parts of your body can be a side effect of drugs you take. Certain medications cause shaking via their effects on your nervous system and muscles. Drugs that are known to cause shaking as a side effect include: antipsychotic drugs called neuroleptics antidepressants, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs bipolar disorder drugs, like lithium reflux drugs, like metoclopramide Reglan corticosteroids thyroid medication if you take too much seizure medications such as sodium valproate Depakote and valproic acid Depakene The shaking should stop once you stop taking the drug. If you think your medication is to blame, talk to your doctor.
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What Causes Thumb Shaking and How Is It Treated?

Nonsurgical Treatment Initial treatment for a trigger finger is usually nonsurgical. Resting your hand and avoiding activities that make it worse may be enough to resolve the problem. Wearing a splint at night to keep the affected finger or thumb in a straight position while you sleep may be helpful. Gentle stretching exercises can help decrease stiffness and improve range of motion in the involved digit. Over-the-counter medications, such as acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs , can help relieve pain and inflammation.
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Treating trigger thumb earlier, rather than later gives you a better chance for the triggering to be relieved. The tendons act as cords that pull your fingers down into a fist and then relax as you straighten the fingers. Think of the tendon as a line on a fishing rod and the pulleys as the eyelets that keep the line in contact with the rod as it bends and straightens. A knot in the line may make the line catch as it is pulled through the eyelet.
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