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The History of the Name of the Sea of Japan Discussions were held over the name of the Sea of Japan this summer, but first the historic fact of the name should be assessed rationally. In the map Kunyu Wanguo Quantu drawn up by an Italian missionary priest of the Jesuit Order Matteo Ricci years ago, the "Sea of Japan" was written down in kanji already, subsequently that name was imported into and pervaded Japan from the West. The pros and cons of the term "Sea of Japan" were widely reported in the media this past August and September. The debate started when the International Hydrographic Organization IHO , which formulates international guidelines for nautical charts, accepted Korean allegations and proposed that the term "Sea of Japan," which has been used internationally, be scratched.
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South Korean military flies planes near disputed islands in Sea of Japan

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The Issue of Name “Sea of Japan” | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

The Sea of Japan see below for other names is the marginal sea between the Japanese archipelago , Sakhalin , the Korean Peninsula and Russia. The Japanese archipelago separates the sea from the Pacific Ocean. Like the Mediterranean Sea , it has almost no tides due to its nearly complete enclosure from the Pacific Ocean. The sea has no large islands, bays or capes. Its water balance is mostly determined by the inflow and outflow through the straits connecting it to the neighboring seas and Pacific Ocean. The seawater has an elevated concentration of dissolved oxygen that results in high biological productivity. Therefore, fishing is the dominant economic activity in the region.
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Seoul makes 'East Sea' case in unofficial meeting with Tokyo over Sea of Japan name

Metrics details. Previous studies showed that the evolution of the Japan Sea paleoceanography since the Miocene has been influenced by the regional tectonism e. Our data suggest that glacioeustatic sea-level changes have probably had an influence on the local paleoceanography between 9.
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The name - Sea of Japan Japan Sea is the only internationally established name for the sea area concerned. The name - Sea of Japan Japan Sea became recognized internationally by the early 19th Century during which Japan had been in a state of national seclusion. This is because the name - Sea of Japan Japan Sea is established in the guidelines on names of seas, published by the International Hydrographic Organization IHO entitled "Limits of Oceans and Seas" to which countries in the world refer when making nautical charts. Reference 3: Major historical background related to the IHO. The International Hydrographic Organization IHO is an international organization for the purpose of the utmost unification of the hydrographic charts and publications such as nautical chart and lighthouse lists.
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